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June 5th, 2010 — Cheered on by their parents, family, friends, and instructors, about 35 Atlantis University students received their degrees at one of the institution’s international campuses in the June 2010 commencement ceremony on Saturday, marching across the stage to accept the piece of paper that signifies the next chapter in their lives.

“You represent the breadth and depth of Atlantis University’s schools and colleges,” Academic Director Bianca Palacios told the graduates. “You are part of a unique Class of graduates that have the privilege to complete an American degree due to this institutional venture. You graduates are a delightful and talented group and you will honor us through your future accomplishments.”.

At the ceremony, held at Venezuela’s own high profiled Palacios de los Eventos, undergraduates and master’s degree candidates from the School of Business and Unitech College of Technology were recognized by name as they walked across the stage to be congratulated by Palacios and other academic deans.

“Graduates, you will be entering a labor market that is increasingly global. Now with your graduation you have become a more competitive professional, able to compete in the global arena. A diploma from this prestigious institution will allow you to access broaden opportunities in the work place around the world and get access to more jobs globally

Palacios said the celebration of the graduates’ achievements called for recognition of the professors, advisors, and mentors who instructed, inspired, and guided them. The Academic Director also asked graduates to stand and thank their family members for their support.

Mrs. Palacios made emphasis that Atlantis would be there to support all of the graduates for years to come and assured the new alumni that success is a combination of hard work and optimism. “There is nothing more rewarding to us than periodically reconnecting with you, so please stay in touch. As a new alumni of Atlantis University be proud to be a member of this new community of students and the best of luck in your new academic and professional endeavors”.
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