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Bachelors Programs

Build an educational foundation that prepares you for a successful career.


The Bachelor’s degree programs taught at Atlantis University are comprised of a combination of general-education courses and specialized classes pertaining to the major of your choice. Individual classes at Atlantis are structured to be five weeks long and can either be taken at our Miami, Florida campus, or online whichever option works with your schedule more conveniently.


Based on input from academic and industry experts, the AU curriculum has been carefully designed to impart both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that students will need to excel on the job. Furthermore, graduates with a Bachelor’s degree from Atlantis can rest assured that their coursework has explicitly prepared them to go out and get the technical certificates and other qualifying credentials employers look for when hiring new professionals.


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  • Bachelor´s of Arts in Business Administration
    Our Business Administration program offers concentrations in management, human resources management, international business, marketing, and finance.
  • Bachelor´s in International Business
    By studying to earn a diploma in International Business, you will not only learn critical business principles, but also develop the sensitivity to cultural diversity that is needed for professional advantage in the global marketplace.
  • Bachelor´s in Marketing and Public Relations
    Work on practical cases and acquire the research, communication, marketing-strategy, and project management skills that drive effective marketing and selling.
  • Bachelor´s in Business Economics
    Economics and finance comprise some of the most dynamic and expansive areas within the business world. They are also fields where employment is expected to grow steadily for many years to come.
  • Bachelor´s in Management Information Systems
    Study business and information technology in order to learn how to solve business problems through the strategic use of hardware, operating systems, networking, programming, and database management.
  • Bachelor´s in Graphic Design
    Build the skills you will need to gain entry-level opportunities in the exciting graphics industry.


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