CSD 300

CSD 300

Career Services Development course

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This course is designed to provide the students of Atlantis University with a formal structure to learn important points regarding their careers, therefore impacting their placement capabilities in the job market.
It is a course structured in an immersive format, where the students will have a variety of structured activities regarding their career development. The students will have specific homework.
The course is divided into modules, each one being an important element in the student’s job search, career interests, career search, preparing for interviews, designing their resumes, understanding basic negotiation skills, using social media, optimizing LinkedIn, participating in relevant professional associations and effectively looking for a job.

CSD Structure

  • Module 1 – Prepare
  • Module 2 – Skills
  • Module 3 –Preferences
  • Module 4 –Values
  • Module 5 – Explore
  • Module 6 – Relationships
  • Module 7 – Decision-making
  • Module 8 – Tools
  • Module 9 – Launch
  • Module 10 – Career management