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Dual Master

Dual Master’s Degree in Health Administration and Nursing

Acquire high-level competencies in the current theories and practices of the global industry of health. Develop the strengths to plan, organize, lead, control, and evaluate initiatives to improve the quality of health services.
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This dual master’s degree aims at professionals who wish to develop specific skills to consolidate their careers as healthcare administrators or managers.



The estimated completion time for this Dual Master’s Degree is 20 months.

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With this program, students have online access to content 24/7 to study in the place and time that best suits their needs, thus contributing to the balance between studies, work, and family.

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Increase your chances of accessing more and better job opportunities in the growing healthcare industry and acquire high-level competencies by achieving two Master’s degrees with time and cost benefits.

Program Description

This program prepares students as advanced professionals, health managers, and medical care innovators. The focus on Nursing develops the skills in selected health specialties, enables the students to improve patient experience, and provides a broad, comprehensive vision of advanced studies in Nursing. The Health Administration approach emphasizes medical system processes and the use of tools and technologies to develop the best management practices necessary in the industry.

Program Structure

The Dual Master’s Degree has 51 academic credits to be completed in 5 semesters. The program’s structure has been designed so that students take nine credits each of the first three semesters and 12 credits in the last two semesters.

This program is structured as follows: 

Core Courses = 15 credits
Electives Courses = 27 credits
Concentration = 6 credits
Final Research Project = 3 credits

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Elective Courses and concentrations

As an Atlantis University’s student, you will have access to various elective courses, also known as elective classes, to deepen your current knowledge or pursue new passions. As part of this Dual Master’s Degree you will also have 4 options of concentrations. Our School of Health will continue to create cutting-edge, relevant courses that empower graduates to address changing issues in the health industry effectively.

Elective Courses
  • Methods of Health Care Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
  • Research Project – Community Health
  • Public Health Administration
  • Professional Nursing Practice
  • Evidenced-based Practice Project 
  • Healthcare Data Management and Analytics
  • Performance Improvement and Quality
  • Application and Interpretation of Public Health Data
  • Special Topics in US Healthcare System
  • Business Analytics (Data Mining)
  • Leadership & Decision Making in Healthcare: Leading the future of Healthcare
  • MIS for Healthcare Management
  • Long-Term and Geriatric Administration
  • HR Fundamentals and Organizational Dynamics
  • International Perspectives in Community Health


Concentration in Health Informatics
  • Healthcare Informatics and Technology
  • Electronic Health Records: Analysis of Clinical Information Systems & Application to Nursing Practice
Concentration in Leadership & Administration in Healthcare Systems
  • Healthcare Quality and Safety Management
  • Leadership & Decision Making in Healthcare:Leading the Future of Healthcare
Concentration in Nursing Education
  • The Role of the Nurse Educator
  • Curriculum design, development, assessment and evaluation in Nursing Education
Concentration in Public Health Nursing
  • Foundations of Public Health Nursing
  • Application and Interpretation of Public Health Data

4 reasons why we are an excellent option

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We are accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Florida Department of Education.

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We currently offer up to $15,000 in scholarships for new students. Fill out our form to get more information.

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We have a department dedicated exclusively to training you with interpersonal skills and helping you position yourself in your industry with a job that matches your academic achievement.

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Our educators hold positions within the health sector, keeping the educational community up to date with market trends, requirements and new implementations.


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