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A Master’s degree makes a difference

One of the great benefits of studying a master’s degree is the improvement of the employment situation, it helps you improve your salary since it is consistent with the knowledge, skills, practices, critical thinking and skills acquired. Your profile will have more value by updating the knowledge acquired and you will be able to have a positive impact in the world of work.

It is also an excellent opportunity for your network of professional contacts, it allows you to meet other people in your sector of interest and also if it is online, your colleagues can be from anywhere in the world, which gives you a personal level and even boosts desire to start business.

Get ready to change the box and have an innovative mind.


The School of Business gives you the practical knowledge, technical acumen, and critical thinking skills that will allow you to make a positive impact in your workplace; in your field; and in the business world.

We are here to help you reach all of your entrepreneurial goals with our top-notch undergraduate degrees and stunning MBAs. From project management to artificial intelligence, here is where you’ll learn what it takes to thrive at every stage of your business career.

MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics

MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in International Business

MBA in Information Technology

MS in Business Administration

Master in Hospitality and Tourism

Information Technology

The IT industry is in a state of constant evolution– and so are our offers.

The School of Computer Sciences and Technology teaches you the technical and hands-on skills you’ll need to develop and manage the latest networking, cloud, and cybersecurity environments.

Diploma & Certificate Programs

  • Master The Network with the Network Operations Diploma (NOP)
  • Advance Your Career in the Cloud as an Enterprise Cloud Professional Diploma (ECP)
  • InfoSec Professional Diploma (InfoSec)
  • Become a Tech Whizz with the Computer Information Technology Diploma (CIT)

Master in Cybersecurity

Master of Information Technology


We care about teaching you –yes, you– how to become a caring and capable professional. The type who goes above and beyond for the patients. If you’ve stumbled across our health programs, then congratulations. You are already halfway there. All that’s missing is taking the next step.

The School of Health prepares you with the competencies and highest standards of healthcare education, in order for you to become a qualified professional trained in health education, direct care, nursing, administration, and management.

MSN in Health Informatics

Master of Health Management, Nursing (MSN)

MSN in Nursing Education

MSN in Leadership

Nursing and Administration in Health Systems

MSN in Public Health Nursing


We’re engineering the careers of the future.
Design, develop, deploy– gain the right skills to make a positive transformation on your environment (both professional and local).

The School of Engineering encourages students to use their imagination, knowledge, and practical skills to tackle the world’s biggest problems. Through applied research, mentorship, and collaboration you’ll get the chance to tackle the most pressing issues of our century.

Master of Computer Engineering


Ready to Educate The Next Generation?
The School of Education prepares current educators (as well as aspiring education leaders) with the knowledge, skills, pedagogical techniques, and technical competencies that will allow them to create an impact in their careers.

Master of Education

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Master of Education in Educational Technology

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Applying for degrees can sometimes seem a bit confusing, but don’t worry, our team is here to help. We’ll work closely with you to help you define your goals and find a career you love.

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