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MBA – Master in Business Administration


30 credits

10 courses



Remember, our Traditional MBA automatically qualifies you for 12 months of OPT employment authorization in the US


Our traditional MBA is an immersive 14-month campus experience designed to advance your career in business and facilitate access to global opportunities. Students who choose this academic program will develop knowledge in critical areas such as accounting, project management, marketing, business strategy, financial decision-making, leadership, and organizational behavior.

This accelerated program provides you with a solid foundation in business and management and opportunities for personal and professional growth, making it a valuable investment for those seeking to advance in their career.

Suppose you want to enhance your business skills and reach your full potential as a leader in your field; in that case, this traditional on-campus Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is ideal for you.

What exactly is the OPT, and how can it help an international student?

OPT stands for Optional Practical Training. OPT is a temporary employment authorization that benefits the F-1 visa holders (Student Visa) who complete their academic program, Bachelor or Master, in the United States. “Eligible students can apply for up to 12 months of OPT employment authorization.” (https://www.uscis.gov/)

In other words, OPT is a temporary employment authorization that the U.S. Government offers graduates. Hence, they apply the knowledge and skills developed in their academic programs to excel in their professional development due to hands-on work experience in the U.S

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