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Who we are
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We’re Atlantis Athletics. Within the next 3 years, our goal is to become a full-blown collegiate athletics department with a total of 20 sports affiliated to the USCAA or NCCAA.

While our plan is ambitious, our mission is simple and humble: we want to inspire you. We want you to create a personal connection with our core values of sportsmanship, leadership, integrity, and service to the community.

With our quality athletic program, you’ll be able to engage with our communities and, above all, enhance your personal experience with Atlantis University.

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Our purpose

is to guide, inspire, and support our athletes in their pursuit of excellence athletically, academically, and spiritually.

Our mission

is simple and humble, to provide a Christ-centered quality athletic program and to instill in our student-athletes our core values of sportsmanship, leadership, character, honesty, integrity, and service to the community to enhance their lives and the lives of others on our campus, in and around our community.

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Be safe: The Atlantis University Athletic Department requires all student-athletes to be covered by valid primary insurance, from an American based company.

Keep training hard: The training room will be open 2 hours prior to the event and 30 minutes after. Please give prior notice if your team will be training before an event, so that we can accommodate your needs accordingly.

Ready when you are: We’ll be glad to help your team get ready for their events. Please send the necessary supplies with your team, including: tape, ace bandages, insurance or emergency contact information, etc.

Get to know your certified trainers: If you’re planning on sending a certified athletic or student trainer with your teams, please forward their names to If your team is traveling without a certified athletic trainer, please notify us in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements and provide coverage for your team.

safety first

No athlete or injury is too insignificant to receive our greatest attention.

Working with those in the medical community, our goal is to maximize our ability to prevent, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate athletic injuries while doing so in a professional, efficient, and service-orientated manner.

Our athletic training staff will provide the best possible medical care to our student-athletes. All athletic injuries are to be reported immediately to a coach and athletic trainer for evaluation and care.

After an evaluation of the reported injury, the coach, athletic trainer, and student-athletes will work together in treating the injury through appropriate means.

It’s the student athlete’s responsibility to report back to the coach and athletic trainer if the injury becomes worse, persists, or if an outside physician is consulted.

Our trainers are: Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), National Athletic Training Association, Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT), State of Florida, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (CSCS) National Strength and Conditioning Association.


The legal stuff

Covid-19 protocols
In order to reduce the spreading of the Covid-19 virus, our university will continue to follow protocols already in place such as face masks, temperature checks, hand sanitizer and social distancing in our offices.

Some of the preliminary ideas being considered for the Atlantis University Athletic Department include and are not limited to:

1. Atlantis University will follow the NCCAA and NAIA Temperature Check-in and Contact Form.

2. Practices, before each practice, coaching staff will go through all Covid-19 protocols.

3. Temperatures will be taken before every training session and practice, and before games for each and all athletes present.

4. Each athlete present must use hand sanitizer before moving on to practice and or game.

5. All coaches and all staff must always wear masks during practices and games (inside and or outside at the fields).

6. If the practice is not at the field or court and it’s conducted inside (film session or meeting), all coaching staff and players must always wear a mask and practice social distancing 6 feet apart.

7. Athletes, coaches, and staff must all wear masks on buses and vans when traveling.

8. Athletes, coaches, and staff may be asked to sit in their “own” row or separate seats on buses, if possible.

9. Bus companies have been asked to “wipe down” or “spray” the bus interior after we exit, but our own staff may be asked to do this.

10. At every training session or practice, Athletes will have their own water bottle and that there’s no sharing of water bottles.

11. Uniform care for training will be the responsibility of each player, coaching staff will be asked to collect and launder all the game uniforms, but bleach may be added to white uniforms while special sanitizer may be added to colors. The idea of each athlete being responsible for their own uniform has also been considered but seems unlikely

11. Athletes may be asked to shower independently or away from each other depending on facilities.

12. Athletes (and coaches) may be asked to sit “away from each other” on the bench. Tape may be used to designate separate seating on a bench, or every other chair may be used if the fold out type is used.

13. Athletes will be asked to wear a mask while on the bench.

14. Athletes, coaches, and staff will be asked to continue wearing masks while visiting the opponent’s facilities

15. Team meals are still under consideration because social distancing needs to be observed at restaurants.

16. Sub sandwiches and pizza have been discussed as alternatives since teams can do that on their own.

17. A solution of alcohol and water in a 5-gallon pump bottle has been suggested to “spray” athletes, and athletic equipment before each practice or training session and after games.

18. All protocols must be followed at other institutions and should be adhered to by visiting teams and organizations.

19. When playing at home, Atlantis University will ask the opposing team to present themselves 2 hours prior to the contest in order for our Athletic Trainer to check their temperature. If the opposing team has more than 10% of their players with temperatures above 100.2°F, the contest will be canceled.

20. Fans and supporters may be asked to observe social distancing by sitting away from each other or designated areas in a gym, field, or other athletic facility.

21. If an athlete is showing Covid-19 symptoms and or temperature is above 100.2°F, that athlete will be immediately removed from practice and or game and will be asked to go get tested.

22. If an athlete has Covid-19 symptoms, that athlete will be asked to quarantine and not show up to any practice and or game until the athlete can produce a negative test result.

The athletic training room rules

1. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in your removal from the athletic training room or may revoke athletic training privileges.

2. All athletes must sign-in prior to getting treatment. Before getting taped, rehab must be performed.

3. No tobacco products, no food, and drinks must have lids.

4. No cell phones, headphones, and or tablets during evaluations or rehab.

5. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times, no cleats.

6. No profanity or other derogatory or abusive language. No loud or obnoxious behavior.

7. Athletes must shower before post-practice and postgame whirlpool or modality use unless authorized by the athletic trainer.

8. Return all equipment, supplies, etc. to the appropriate place when done using.

9. Clean up after yourselves (i.e. put used towels in the hamper, throw away trash).

10. Nothing leaves the athletic training room unless approved by an athletic trainer.

11. Athletes may obtain ice and ice only when the athletic training room is closed.

12. Equipment may not be used without prior approval, especially modalities.

13. All athletes are required to have active primary medical insurance coverage that is approved by the University of Fort Lauderdale.

14. All staff are to be treated in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner. Failure to do so will revoke athletic training room privileges.

15. Only Atlantis University student-athletes and staff are permitted in the athletic training room.

16. It’s the athlete’s responsibility to get to practice or game on time. Plan accordingly. Limited staffing and facilities equals wait time.

17. If an injury or illness is not reported until practice time, the athlete is expected to participate.

18. If an athlete cannot make or will be late for an appointment, they must notify the respective athletic trainer immediately. Failure to, may result in refusal of treatment.

19. Athletes are not allowed in the staff office or desk area without authorization from an athletic trainer.

20. Athletes are not permitted to dictate their own treatment. All treatments are at the discretion of a staff athletic trainer.

21. University Fort Lauderdale and its athletic trainers will not provide any prescription or over the counter medications to any student-athletes or staff.

22. All student-athletes must pass a physical exam before stepping on the field or court. You are not allowed to practice, play games or conditions without having passed a physical exam.

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