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Specialized degrees, leadership training, and in-demand certifications isn’t all that Atlantis University offers. There’s more! At our dedicated AU Career Center, we go the extra mile in order to help you land a job once you graduate.

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Our placement services will play an active role in your Atlantean journey. We’ll coach you to build effective resumes, develop your interview skills, and create a powerful online presence. We also have relationships with companies and recruiters.

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Did you know that…

● Employment in Business Ops is expected to grow 5% in the next few years?

● Opportunities in the tech and IT labor market will soon increase, and there will be approximately 500,000 new jobs available?

● Engineering careers are changing, becoming more and more specialized each year? Professional opportunities could reach 10% growth by 2029!

● Healthcare specialists are now more in-demand than ever before? The job outlook is a 59% increase in less than 10 years.

● Educational employment rates are growing by an incredible margin, at a much faster rate than other careers?

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At our dedicated Career Services, we go the extra mile to help you land a job once you graduate. Start a conversation about your career goals today.