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I studied Hospitality Management at Atlantins University and earned my Master´s degree. It was an amazing experiencie with well-educated professors and friendly classmates, making my years of study unforgattable. I want to express my gratitude to Career Services at Atlantis University.
Inna Dovgan
The Career Services Department at Atlantis Univeserty assisted me in identifying my career goals and provided invaluable resources to help me me achieve them. I am extemely gratefuyl for the support the offered, as it played a crucial role in making my career dreams attainable. I Strongly recommedn that all students take advantage of the opportunities this department has to offer.
VivianManara BR
Vivian Manara
I am enthusiastic to share my exceptional experience at Atlantis Univerty. The professors arte truly outstanding, providing top-notch education while instilling confidence and motivation in students. Thei dedicated teaching has empowered me to trust it in myself, move forward with determination, and embark on a jourmey of slef-discovery and success.
AnaAildasani BR
Ana Aildasani
The career services at Atlantis University played a pivotal role in my transition from Brazil to the United States. Through personalized guidance and workshops, I acquired the skills necessary to excel in interviews. As a result, I secured a position at one of the largest companies manufacturing executive jets and commercial aircraft.
KemyKarlaNeves BR
Kemy Karla Neves
My MBA journey at Atlantis University surpassed all my expectations, offering an extraordinary experience. The faculty's expertise, innovative curriculum, and supportive environment truly distinguished it. Not only did I acquire valuable knowledge, but I also expanded my professional network significantly, paving the way for exciting job opportunities in the United States.
BrunoGalon BR
Bruno Galon
Thanks to Professor Alex Lima and the dedicated AU Career Center, I found the job I was looking for. They went the extra mile to help me find the best position. After graduation, I aimed to enter a different professional field, and with an ambitious approach, along with academic and professional connections, the department assisted me in securing a job and taking my first steps in a large financial firm.
AdirGanon ISR
Adir Ganon
I had been searching for a job for months when Professor Lima contacted me. Despite having attended some interviews, he continues to send me job options based on the career profile he assisted me in creating. I appreciate the newfound motivation and support that Professor Lima provides to students pursuing their career goals.
GiovanniCuzzi VEN
Giovanni Cuzzi
As a graduate of Atlantis University, I can affirm that my experience was transformative, impacting both my professional and personal development. I enrolled in a diverse range of classes that not only imparted valuable knowledge in my field of study but also broadened my perspective on various other subjects. The university's environment and cultural diversity further enriched my understanding of different origins and viewpoints.
AshishAprasain NEP
Ashish Aprasain
Despite acquiring a comprehensive skill set at Atlantis University, including the completion of their Data Analytics extension, I found myself filled with doubts and fears when embarking on the job search. Professor Lima reassured me that I wasn't alone in facing such uncertainties and shared his own experiences of transitioning from his country. With his guidance, I improved my resume and secured a job where I am not only happily working but also experiencing personal and professional growth today.
SaraCardona COL
Sara Cardona

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