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The Atlanteans Podcast

By Atlantis University
Atlanteans! This place will be home to many conversations, ideas debates, special guests, and knowledge exchanges.

The Atlanteans Podcast is not only all about AU, but also a magazine with an in-depth conversation about university matters and interests, experiences, testimonies, discussions, and an open chair for our community to join us.

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Between Bears and Bulls Podcast

By Atlantis University

A podcast series about finances fundamentals, and investing analysis. Between Bears & Bulls seeks to open a conversation with experts and beginners in a mentorship way to talk and better understand about how to become a financially educated person, a good investor and an avid trader, to be able to understand markets, banking language, trading, techniques, and financial tips.

A Podcast Created in Atlantis Media Studios by Atlanis University Hosted by: Angel Vasquez, Business Student at AU Yinka Majekodunmi, CPA – County Commission Auditor + Founder, YM Worldwide.

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Red Talk Podcast

By Atlantis University Sports Podcast by the Atlantis University Athletics Department, seeking to showcase our incredible talent and nurture our sporting community with a blend of sports and values, a characteristic trait of our non-conformist spirit. A Podcast Created in Atlantis Media Studios by Atlanis University.
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Mind and Body Hacks

By Atlantis University A guide to finding balance and thriving in life: This is a wellness and Health Podcast in Spanglish Hosted by Laura Rojas, getting into personal experiences and conversations with people who have something to say to make us better humans, not only physically but mentally and socially. Let’s learn from those who have taken the time to develop better habits and a more prolonged and merrier life, getting closer to our true potential. A Podcast Created in Atlantis Media Studios by Atlanis University.
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