Atlas: the new ally of AU students

Atlas: the new ally of AU students

Do you remember the days when someone needed a certificate of transcripts, or a list of payments, and had to request it by email and wait a few days until the area in charge sent the documents? Those days are long gone thanks to the new student portal: Atlas.

Atlas is a very fast platform and allows access to information in an immediate and organized way, it is 100% customizable, and best of all, it will save students the old processes of requesting information ”, explained Natali Alvarez, Faculty Director.

The Atlas project was born in 2020 as an initiative to give students the possibility to access their personal and academic information. “Our initial interest was to make life easier for the student. It was necessary to create a digital space where they could access their grades, their academic records, their transcripts, their payments, and also all their personal information. If there are discrepancies they can quickly realize, if they move their address or change their phone number, they will be able to update their data within the platform. In this way we are giving students control of their information.”

The future of Atlas

After the accelerated digitization of the world in recent months, it is expected that more and more processes will be transferred to the virtual plane in order to make all transactions more agile and possible from anywhere.

“Eventually the goal is for Atlas to become the platform where students can register themselves, a 100% digital process in which they can automatically select their classes and their schedules. It will be the space to give them more flexibility and the option to see what other certifications, courses or programs they might be interested in to strengthen their skills, and through the platform, access them”, concluded the Faculty Director.

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