Automation and the future of Education

Automation and the future of Education

The new normal has been everything but easy. New ways of doing things have replaced the old practices, and people could do nothing but be responsible for their adaptation, and therefore, evolution.

Although automation existed before the pandemic, Covid forced those resisting the change to surrender. Automation has many pros and only a few cons (the less developed the country, the more cons). Among the benefits that automated processes offer for students is the possibility of adapting academic offerings and processes to meet student needs and provide customized instruction that allows students with different skills to work together in the same classroom.

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As technology advances, we are moving into a self-service model where individuals have more control to attain the information they need, when they need it, no matter where they are. “At Atlantis University, we are working on perfecting our student portal. This will allow students to have real-time access to their academic records, financial information, class schedules, and much more. The project started in late 2020, and the first Beta version was launched in the Winter term of 2021. This is a work in progress, and we keep making updates to improve its functionality.” Nataly Alvarez, Faculty Director.

Our Students in the Centre of Everything

It is no surprise that IT is the primary driver of the project along with our operations team. Both teams align on additional features and the overall accessibility of the platform. “As always, putting our students at the heart of everything we do, is our main goal. We expect them to have more control of the information they need to access.”

The most significant benefit for AU students accessing information via a self-service portal is time. You do not need to wait for someone to give you the information as you can access it yourself; you are in control of getting what you need.

The automation project is ongoing as we continue making updates to the current portal. We are always looking to make improvements to enhance our student experience.

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