Network Diploma Program: The knowledge you need to meet the market demand

Network Diploma Program: The knowledge you need to meet the market demand

Every day, the demand for professionals prepared to provide solutions to evolving IT needs is growing. Practical applications such as Design, troubleshoot implementation, virtualization, wired and wireless technologies, and business solutions through cloud technology are leading some of the trending profiles that all kinds of organizations are actively looking for.

The market trends and needs are some of the most relevant factors that we consider at Atlantis University when designing new programs. That is how our Network Diploma Program was born, to keep up to date with the employer’s needs.

The Network Diploma Program at AU will prepare students to work as entry-level network professionals. Also, it will prepare students for the CompTIA N+ and Cisco Certified Network Associate certifications.

This are the skills our students will develop with this diploma program:

  • Understanding of network topologies
  • Understanding of network protocols
  • Understanding of IP addressing (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • How to design a network (small business network)
  • How to troubleshoot network problems
  • Wired and Wireless Technologies
  • VPN connections (Client to site and site to site)
  • Virtual Networks
  • Competence to solve problems.
  • Competence to manage projects.
  • Competence to make decisions based on facts.
  • Competence to advise higher management of trends, risks, opportunities.
  • Competence to lead.

Regarding practical applications of knowledge and market trends, these are some of the ones our students will develop: Design, implement and troubleshoot small business networks.
Design small business solutions through cloud technology
Wired and wireless technologies
The Professor behind this Diploma Program
Luis De Leon, one of our School of Computer Sciences and Technology professors, specializes in networks and cloud technology. He has been working with networks for more than 30 years.
“It is great to see how bright the future of networking is. Every day, there are more requests for Network Professionals that understand Cloud technology and have the ability to connect on-premises infrastructures to Azure or AWS through VPN or SD-WAN.”

Professor De Leon is confident that to succeed in this arena, “networking professionals will need to know Python since networking is becoming more automated. This means the Network Professional will have to adapt to new trends and technologies, like SD-WAN, more reliance on Wireless technology like the new 5g and Wi-Fi 6. Everything is being virtualized, from servers, pcs to networking.”

“How IT professionals choose their tools and design their IT environments to be automated, virtualized, programmable, secure and scalable will surely be the difference between success and failure.” Cisco

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