The careers with the greatest future in 2021

The careers with the greatest future in 2021

2021 marked the beginning of a new era in different areas, including the labor market and the demands that it has generated since the start of the covid-19 pandemic in terms of careers with a greater future and projection.

For their part, companies have had to rethink job profiles based on specific needs that, before 2020, they had not had. Changes in consumption and behavior habits, due to the restrictions that still continue in most of the world, have caused unprecedented demands on the characteristics of the ideal employee for the sector to which they belong.

Consultants and experts in career guidance agree that areas such as health, technology and administration will be the fields of knowledge with the best opportunities for job placement and growth. Among the main professions are the following:

  • Nursing: With the covid-19 pandemic, health professionals gained renewed respect in the social collective imagination. People began to value their work more and the sacrifices that the usual development of their tasks brings.

Still far from resuming the behavior of 2019, nurses will continue to be fundamental in the near future, since the new normality will demand sufficient personnel to continue attending subsequent health emergencies.

Likewise, in the case of anesthetist nurses, in addition to having enormous possibilities for professional growth and projection, their income, in the United States, averages 175,000 dollars per year.

  • Experts in information technology: Technology, in all areas, has become more relevant in daily activities. Companies and institutions saw the need to speed up their adaptation processes through technological resources that were once circumstantial.

For this reason, ICT professionals will be widely required in companies of different sectors, so that their knowledge prevents a new lag in increasingly competitive markets. This demand is reflected in the income, on average, that American information systems managers receive, which is around 150,000 dollars a year.

  • Management of virtual stores: The proliferation of online stores during the pandemic also exposed their impersonality. Managers will be an important factor in the humanization process of brands and, in the same way, they will be able to guarantee a better shopping experience for customers.
  • Computer engineering: Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are concepts that have transcended the world of entertainment. Industries from different sectors have gradually adopted these technologies and, consequently, they need expert personnel who know and master them. Depending on the field of performance, an engineer can average earnings between $70,000 and $300,000 annually.

With the new current conditions, people interested in entering the university must take into account the field of action and the job opportunities that this area offers, since an analysis of personal skills and tastes is no longer enough, but also of those careers with a better future in the coming years.

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