Tired of being the smartest in the room?

Tired of being the smartest in the room? Come to Atlantis University to enrich your knowledge!

Vladimir Filipović came from Serbia to the States about 10 years ago. Thanks to his basketball abilities, and his height, he got a scholarship and went to high school in Texas and college in Mississippi. His finances’ abilities surpassed his sports skills and that is why today, after graduating from the Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Atlantis University, he will start a corporate finance career focused in wealth management.

“I would recommend Atlantis University because you feel you are in the middle of things as soon as you start. You are expected to show up with a certain level of tunning, awareness and topics on hand to discuss, but not just the topics that you studied for or you have experienced in your career but what is happening in the real world. You always feel in a professional ready-to-work, ready-to-get-things-done environment which is very demanding and helpful when it comes to learning and training.”

Diversity is a plus

Vlad, like his close friends call him, highlighted that the diversity of the classrooms at Atlantis University is a plus. “Based on my experience, AU didn’t feel isolated like other american universities and colleges. Having every classmate coming from a different professional and national background, definitely helps to create perspective. I remember working on case studies about logistics with a health professional, somebody that has been in the health industry for many years, and she helped me understand the way things work from her perspective and made me more knowledgeable.”

His favorite classes were “International Strategic Management and Leadership and Organizational Behavior, mostly because these classes were very hands-on with case studies and applied research. They got you to build a teamwork environment with your classmates and forced you to work through real world problems and in real time.”

Like most professionals, Vlad recognized the importance of having quality education in your curriculum, as well as valuable relationships that nurture your knowledge and help you to be more competitive in the global market: “You don’t want to be in a room where you are the one who knows it all, you want people around you who enrich your knowledge, your experience, your professional and social wisdom and help you to develop more skills. If that is your goal, you will find it at Atlantis University.”

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