Why Study at Atlantis University?

Why Atlantis University?

Have you ever felt that the traditional college experience just isn’t for you? You’re more of a creative type, an individual… a non-conformist.

 Atlantis University was made for people just like you. The movers and the shakers of the world, the people who are excited to live life and take advantage of all that the world has to offer, the people who are fueled by passion! It’s time for you to take your life and career into your own hands and do things on your terms.

Advance Your Life and Career

Atlantis University offers some of the most valuable and highly sought-after degree and certificate programs. We are a forward-thinking university that puts technology at the heart of everything we do. No matter which school you attend -Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, or Healthcare – you will learn how to use technology to advance your career and, ultimately, your life.

We believe that time is one of the most valuable resources we have. After all, it’s the only one that we can’t get back. That’s why we help so many of our students fast-track their education. On average, Atlantis university students finish their degrees in half the time as students at other universities. All our degree and certificate programs are flexible, customizable, and created with YOU in mind.

Mental Health Matters

Just like any good community, we take care of each other here at Atlantis University. We know that class, tight schedules, tests, and planning for your future can be extremely stressful, and we want to make sure our students feel supported in all aspects of their education. Our team of comprehensive mental health professionals are here for you whenever you need them.

Blended Learning Experiences

It’s impossible to learn everything you need to know by sitting in a classroom. We offer hands-on, immersive, collaborative learning experiences that are led by industry experts. The educators at Atlantis University do so much more than teach their students; they inspire.

A Strong Community

Our beautiful Miami campus has a diverse student body with students that come from all over the world. We strive to make sure everyone feels welcome while they are here and even after they graduate. Graduates of Atlantis University are welcome to lifelong access to career coaching and services as well as our library and information services. We also offer lifelong auditing services so you can come back and sit in on a class at any time, if you want to refresh your skills.

We can’t wait to see YOU in the fall!

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