Contact Details

Students and employees should refer to the following person or agency when reporting or seeking help on a criminal incident. Please note that any emergency that requires immediate attention should not be waited upon to report to the school’s President but rather contact the appropriate agency by calling (911).

Atlantis University Crisis Center

When a critical incident involves responses from a variety of personnel, a Crisis Center will be established in the President’s office. The President will assign the Center Head of the Crisis Center when a situation arises. The Center head is responsible for gathering any documents and/or gear necessary

Members of Atlantis University Critical Incident Response Team

  • President: Omar Palacios. Contact number: 305-377-8817 Ext. 1017
  • Director of Operations: Andy Palacios. Contact number: 305-377-8817 Ext. 1004
  • Director of Admissions: Juan Cruz-Torres. Contact number: 305-377-8817 Ext. 1001

Local community emergency services