Master of Science in Education

What will the school of the future look like? What does it mean to be a school administrator in an evolving digital world? If you’re here with us, we know that you’re looking for something different.

You’re looking for an education degree that is focused on learning, technology and leadership. One that is constantly evolving and being updated.

That’s the reason why we feel like this degree was tailor-made for you. Through it, you’ll gain access to all the most current theories, methodologies and pedagogical techniques. Stay ahead of the curve!

This Master program enables you to:
  • Design strategies, methods and techniques of teaching and learning following current trends in education.
  • Apply innovative learning models in your teaching practice.
  • Develop educational research related to technology and its uses in education.
  • Fluently communicate an oral or written discourse on technology in education, its trends and development.
Topics covered in this degree includes:
  • Psychology of Learning 
  • Pedagogical Perspectives of Education, Trends & Development
  • Emerging Technologies in Education 
  • Learning Process and Creativity
  • Designing Learning Environments
  • Scholarly Writing and Research Strategies

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Master of Science in Education with a certificate in Educational Leadership

So, we heard that you want to maximize your potential as an educator, and that the idea of a leadership concentration really speaks to you. In that case, we do have a career for you!

As an enrolled student, you’ll get the chance to interpret leadership models, perfect the art of teacher evaluations, and most of all, harness the motivational skills required to lead any classroom.

Master of Science in Education with a certificate in Educational Technology

If you’ve ever felt like you’re falling behind on the ever-changing tech landscape, don’t stress! At Atlantis University, we’ve got your back.

Pursue this graduate degree in educational technology and stay ahead of the curve. Track trends, leverage tech tools to your advantage, and meet the needs of your entire team.

Topics covered in this degree includes:

  • Teacher Leadership
  • Methods of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Operations Planning and Innovation

Topics covered in this degree includes:

  • Digital Educator
  • Technology Curriculum and Planning with Technology
  • Instructional Models for Digital Learning

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