New Action Plan to improve the job placement of AU graduates

This week, AU implemented a New Plan to increase employment opportunities for Atlantis University graduates: Strategic curriculum design, interview training, and development of negotiation skills will be the three pillars of the new strategy.

 How will we do it?

We will divide students into three categories. Their needs will be assessed on an individual level to identify the most significant opportunities for improvement. Then, we will implement specific tools, competency training, and multimedia resources designed to mitigate the gaps. A special team will follow the students’ process and ensure the goals are met!

 Excellent work, AU team!

A new Action Plan to enhance job opportunities for Atlantis University graduates was implemented this week: Design of a strategic curriculum, training for interviews and development of negotiation skills, will be the 3 main pillars of the new strategy.

A multidisciplinary team from Atlantis University now has the task of ensuring that at least 85% of university graduates find employment or be promoted in their current jobs within a maximum of 6 months after completing their studies. .

How will we do it?

Active students will be classified into 3 categories, depending on when they are in their academic program: Category A (8 – 10 classes completed), Category B (4 – 7 classes completed) and Category C (1 – 3 classes completed) .

The needs of students belonging to these 3 groups will be assessed on an individual level to identify the greatest opportunities for improvement. Once identified, the Support and Career Services teams will initiate a personalized accompaniment with the students, implementing specific learning tools, competency-based training and a wide range of multimedia resources specially designed to mitigate the identified gaps.

“This strategy was born as a response to the commitment we have at Atlantis University to offer our students the tools they really need to find a job. We cannot be satisfied with offering quality education, we must accompany them throughout their process from when they request information about our academic programs until they are already working for a company and recovering the investment they made in their education”, explained the Senior Management of Atlantis University.

Great job AUTeam!

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